Curated Health Conversations

Episode Six: Toxins

Oh, goodness! But this is a hot button item right now (and not new to the discussion). Today we talk about all things toxins, and while this can be overwhelming to hear all the ways we are getting them thrown at us, it's also a super inspiring episode about the small and simple changes you can make to protect yourself and your loved ones! First off, we chat about the harmfulness of pesticides and GMOs and how pesticides are linked to cognitive and degenerative diseases like Parkinson's. 

Not only do we talk about what we ingest and take in (think physically like our food, water, environmental factors), but also the emotional and mental toxins out there. How do we speak to ourselves? How do we allow others to speak to us? Where do we set emotional boundaries? 

Finally, we round it out with what the body does with toxins (for this, think poop, urine, tears, period, etc.), and what YOU can do, small and easy ways to detoxify your body and home. Not one to miss!