rapid skin renewal and hair follicle support

Our exclusive combination of prescription grade TCA, hydrogen peroxide, and precise pressure rejuvenates the dermis for optimal results. Collagen thickening, smoothness, tightening, lifting, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles are just some of the benefits. PRX is also an effective addition to our proprietary Hair Restoration procedure since it supports dermal turnover in the scalp.

PRX Derm Perfexion


benefits for joints, skin, and hair

Joints, Skin and Hair contain collagen that can become depleted over time or by illness and injury. PurePRP ® and SuperShot ® provide billions of growth factors and trillions of exosomes which signal the regrowth and renewal of all types of collagen in these tissues. They are derived from your own blood and reinjected with a micropen or simple injection.

PUREPRP® & supershot®


Our Proven Proprietary Protocols Provide options for most types of hair loss

Dr. Livengood was among the first in Arizona to combine Exosomes and Growth Factors (PurePRP®) with Low Level Light Therapy and extensive training in hair restoration techniques. Always ahead of the most cutting-edge therapies, we have a variety of protocols ranging from topical PRX or LC Stem Cells to PurePRP ® and SuperShot® injections.

Hair restoration