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Loss of eyebrow hair can be due to mechanical damage, such as long-term waxing, or medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. The good news is that restoration is possible in as little as one treatment with noticeable results in one month. Pre-screening is recommended but not required. Includes one Low Level Light session.
 Bundling with Latisse and Low Level Light is highly recommended for best results. Latisse is also available separately:
2 month supply $109
4 month supply $159

Brow Restoration

Dr. Livengood’s proprietary protocol can be used in smaller areas for early signs of hair loss. Pre-screening is required to ensure success. Please schedule a Complimentary Consultation to determine your eligibility.

Focal Hair Restoration

ExoFlow Growth Factors are 30x more concentrated than your own PRP and lab verified for potency and safety. Because all genetic material and cellular debris is removed, you get 100% pure exosomes for the safest, most effective, cutting edge therapy available.

PRP, platelet rich plasma, contains your own growth factors and exosomes that provide a safe, natural boost to hair follicles and subdermal collagen. While not as potent as ExoFlow, this can be a very effective therapy in healthy patients with 3 or more treatments.

Full Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Services