Your own Health

Running your own business AND being in the medical profession - sounds like a lot, right? Well, it is, and we are talking to our modern-day superwoman and current girl-crush, Dr. Beth Livengood who is quite the one-woman show. We love her approach to working with patients as she looks not just at the acute problem, but truly at what the underlying cause or causes may be that are impacting the lives of her patients. Integrated health takes on a whole new meaning with Dr. Livengood and today we discuss so many things, but really dial in on the importance of understanding that alternative options exist for many who are looking for an avenue outside of conventional medicine AND for those wanting to take charge of their own good health. 

Head out for a walk and tune into this podcast if you want to learn more about the following: 

1. Understanding what integrated medicine really means and how the medical field has changed over the last few decades. 
2. How innovative technology and therapies can literally change your entire life. 
3. Ever heard of growth factors? Well, you should definitely learn more, a specialty of Dr. Livengood, and she has seen tremendous results in her patients.