Curated Health Conversations

Episode Four: Brain Health

We all know that our brains start to decline around the age of 65, and then again at 75 and the earlier we start to do some preventative work, the better! Sudoku? Yes, and also, a few other things, because you can catch cognitive decline early and work to counter it. Some of those early warning signs include the following: difficulty following storylines, difficulty completing tasks, loss of sense of direction, not knowing where you parked, family history, and repetition of statements or stories.

Luckily for you, this is a passion area of Dr. Livengood and she is chatting today about not only brain health, but a brand new program that can help anyone who both sees those early warning signs, and those who want to work against them as early as possible. Her brain health program helps too, with things such as the prevention of diabetes, protecting against hypo and hyperthyroidism, obesity, and cardiovascular problems.

So grab that Rubik's cube, and listen in!