Community Guidelines podcast:Do you yoga?

"Community Guidelines is a new podcast featuring three doctors giving the lowdown on natural, integrative and chiropractic therapies. Even more interesting might be their saucy opinions, stories and case studies that will keep you coming back for more!"

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Join us as we pick the brain of our resident yoga instructor, Dr. Beth Livengood. She's been teaching yoga for 20+ years, and has a thing or two to share about its benefits. Dr. Dan shares his experience taking yoga classes and how it has helped him in his weekly combat and strength training. And find out about Dr. Bradford's one and only experience in a yoga class.

The episode kicks off with a short commentary by Dr. Bradford about this week's announcements from the White House and their overreaching plan to stop COVID-19. These announcements fly in the face of medical freedom, a subject which we are passionate about. We will very likely devote a couple of future episodes to discuss this in further detail.

Views expressed here are our own. This show should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult with your personal physicians regarding anything we say.