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Episode Five: East vs. West

It's a long-standing discussion, the benefits of Eastern Medicine vs. Western Medicine and the beauty of being a naturopathic doctor is that they often blend the best of both worlds, working to ensure patient success on every level. In today's episode, we will be diving deep into the differences and what they could mean for you, depending on your individual and unique needs. Western medicine tends to be more "insurance-based," where the patient is paying to fix a problem (which can be necessary and acute), but it's not necessarily paying to feel your best or investing in your long-term health. 

Eastern medicine which has been around for thousands of years, primarily stems from Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These include methodologies such as acupuncture, plants, herbs, yoga, and working with your Chi/Prana.

Did you know? The world, up until about 120 years ago, utilized only plants for medicine? That's right! It wasn't until a guy named Bayer in Germany distilled down some plants for Aspirin (willow bark, primarily) that we had a revolution in the science of medicine. 

We know you want to listen in, so grab a seat, or take a walk, and we'll deep dive together!