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Episode Three: The Intersection of the Mind, Body, & Spirit

In today's episode with Dr. Livengood, we go past simply speaking about the physical regarding your health, and truly utilizing a 360° view of wellness, discussing the critical roles that your mind and spirit also play. Take yoga, for example. Dr. Livengood has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 18 years and has seen the power of yoga, not only for the physical benefits but for the emotional and mental benefits as well. For example, the emotional release that can come during your final resting pose, Savasana. Each yoga posture is a meditation in and of itself, not just Savasana, but everything together allows for holistic healing and benefits. 

We also discuss the ecosystems of our bodies, and how things like meditation can create more nerves and gray matter in your brain. Yes, it can. It's like building muscle mass when you work out. When you meditate, the entire body benefits, and things like memory, empathy, retention, awareness, socialization, and relationships benefit. The power of the mind is outstanding and today we deep dive into it all!